EPIC FOIA: EPIC Uncovers Report on “Predictive Policing” but DOJ Blocks Release

21 01 2018

EPIC has just received new documents in a FOIA case against the Department of Justice, however the agency is refusing to release reports about the use of “risk assessment” tools in the criminal justice system. In 2014, the Attorney General called on the U.S. Sentencing Commission to review the use of “risk assessments” in criminal sentencing, expressing the concern about potential bias. EPIC requested that document and filed suit against the DOJ to obtain it, but the agency failed to release the report by a court-ordered deadline. EPIC did obtain emails confirming the existence of a 2014 DOJ report about “predictive policing” algorithms, but the agency also withheld that report. “Risk assessments” are secret techniques used to set bail, to determine criminal sentences, and even decide guilt or innocence. EPIC has pursued several FOIA cases to promote algorithmic transparency, including cases on passenger risk assessment, “future crime” prediction, and proprietary forensic analysis.


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