EPIC Challenges Google Cookie Tracking Settlement as Unfair to Class Members

19 01 2018

EPIC filed an amicus with a federal appeals court urging the court to reject a proposed class action settlement in a consumer privacy case. The case involved Google tracking internet users in violation of the users’ privacy settings. EPIC said the settlement resulted in no change in business practices and wrongly awarded cy pres funds to organizations that Google would otherwise support. The settlement was also opposed by the Attorneys General of thirteen states. EPIC, the Center for Digital Democracy, and US PIRG were the groups that warned the FTC in 2007 that the Google-DoubleClick merger would lead to the internet tracking practices at issue in the settlement. EPIC’s 2010 FTC complaint regarding Google Buzz also led to the FTC’s Consent Order with Google that enabled the Commission to pursue related charges against Google. EPIC has proposed an objective basis for courts to make determinations in consumer privacy cases that protect the interests of class members and avoid the risk of collusion between the parties in settlement.


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