European Privacy Experts Call for New Review of EU-US Data Arrangement

17 01 2018

The Article 29 Working Party, a group of European privacy experts, is calling for a reexamination of the Privacy Shield, a framework permitting the flow of European consumers’ personal data to the United States. In a new report, the Working Party said that “significant concerns” should be resolved by May 25, 2018 when the GDPR goes into force. If not “the members of WP29 will take appropriate action,” including litigation. The Working Party cited the US failure to appoint an Ombudsperson to review complaints, vacancies at the Privacy and Civil Liberties Oversight Board, and continued mass surveillance practices by U.S. intelligence agencies. The report follows an earlier review of the EU-US agreement which found “sufficient” protection of EU personal data to the United States. EPIC Senior Counsel Alan Butler has also highlighted weaknesses in US privacy in DPC v. Facebook, a case now before the European Court of Justice. In a related development, the Working Party also established a task force which will coordinate national investigations of the Uber data breach now underway in Europe.


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