FTC Finally Takes Action on Connected Toys, Settles With Company That Violated Children’s Privacy Law

16 01 2018

The Federal Trade Commission announced a settlement with VTech Electronics over charges that the company collected personal information from children without parental consent and failed to provide data security. In 2015, Senators Edward Markey (D-MA) and Joe Barton (R-TX) inquired about VTech’s privacy practices after the toy company was hacked, exposing the personal information of millions of children. EPIC and a coalition of consumer organizations recently renewed their call to the FTC to take action on toys that spy, one year after the groups filed a complaint with the FTC regarding dangerous internet-connected toys. The Children’s Online Privacy Act (COPPA) sets forth strict requirements for the collection of information from children. In a recent interview with NBC Nightly News, EPIC’s Sam Lester highlighted the dangers these toys pose from hackers. EPIC has supported numerous efforts to oppose toys that spy, including a successful effort in 2017 to recall Mattel’s Aristotle.


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